Utah Has Little Loophole For Naughty Teachers Like Sarah Lewis

August 10, 2017 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Utah is one of those states where you start delving into the consent laws and you find a whole epic amount of weirdness. The Mormon Church plays a big role in the state legislative process, informally obviously, because formally would be illegal .

Like most states in the union, Utah female public teachers have started unabashedly having sex with their male students because young sex is the sweet nectar that draws in so many a lady missing romance in her own life. Often married young mom lady teachers who miss the thrill of making out under the bleachers. Or fucking teens in the house while their husband is at work.

High school teacher Sarah Lewis got busted for plying one of her seventeen year old students with vodka and trashing his virginity while her husband and baby were out. She had the good sense to film the sex so there’d be solid evidence in the future case against her. Wild child. In another state she could’ve done well.

(See all the horny lady teachers busted for banging teen students in the past year: HERE)

The booze alone will get you the chamber in Utah. The underaged sex it turns out, not so much. Utah has an age of consent of sixteen for girls and eighteen for boys. With the average coupling relationship being men around 50 and girls around 14, the legal ages were more of a suggestion. Lewis’ shitty attorney originally had her copping to a plea of statutory rape. Then somebody informed the old that there’s a loophole provision in the Utah statute that teachers, volunteers, and seedy looking librarians can fuck sixteen and seventeen year olds and it’s basically jaywalking. The adults are considered “in a position of trust” and therefore granted excessive underaged raping powers. 

Lewis was immediately released from jail after serving only 195 days while awaiting her felony sentencing. She was given a coupon book for Cracker Barrel and some leftover Salt Lake Winter Olympics swag.

Most states have chosen to go the opposite, more sane route. That is, harsher penalties when adults in positions of trust start fucking teenagers. The Utah rules are truly progressive. In a completely non-progressive state. Makes you wonder who would sneak in such a loophole. If you have to wonder for more than a few seconds, you’re not a logical thinker.

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