Former Facebook Exec Admits Social Media Is Largely An Evil Time Sucking World of Hate

The former Facebook V.P. is making hay in the news by admitting to the world that Facebook and social media in general is tearing apart what's left of society, and doing so with open eyes to their wanton destruction. read more

South African Lady Semen Thieves Will Never Merit a Hashtag Protest

A 25-year old male hitchhiker in Northern South Africa was picked up in a car by a couple wild gals, forced to consume the drank, and gang raped at gunpoint, with his sperm likely headed to some kind of tribal Costco for big profit resale. read more

Amanda Knox Getting Her Own Show About Gender Bias

Amanda Knox has a new show coming out on Vice's female outlet, Broadly, to be distributed by the new Zuckerberg Owns the World Channel. The new show's called, The Scarlet Letter Reports. Strike one with that shitty title. read more

SAG Awards Excluding Men To Combat Sexism

The Screen Actors' Guild Awards show run on Turner each January will go female-only presenters this year. read more

The Clooneys Are Beyond Adorable

George Clooney and Amal Clooney considerately passed out headphones to passengers on their flight to London, along with a note pre-apologizing in case their six month old twins cried. read more

Adriana Lima Stands Down on Nudity on the Last Men on Earth Podcast #113

The best part about covering Hollywood insanity, irrationality, and hypocrisy for a living is the never ending supply of content.  read more

Netflix Openly Bragging About How Much They Spy on Their Users

By this point in the online and social media space time continuum, everybody with a frontal lobe is aware that digital service providers are collecting and sharing and selling user usage data.  read more

Donovan McNabb Liked Himself a Squirter

Donovan McNabb, Marshall Faulk and a half-dozen other NFL Network former and current ex-athlete show hosts were named in legal complaint filed by Jami Cantor, a long time wardrobe stylist employed by the Network. read more

Jada Pinkett-Smith Super Annoying, But Right This Time

Jada Pinkett Smith can't help but sound super irritating. She speaks like a college freshman lesbian who suddenly uncovered racism in America. Only part of that description is accurate.  read more

David Duchovny Curing Sex Addiction One Super Young Chick at a Time

Duchovny and his libido and all the bullshit amateur psychology around it remind us that no matter the changing social mores and shifts of political power and gender realignments, shit never really changes. read more

Social Media Famous 'Rooftopper' Dies in Fall (Expected Headline)

Think of "Rooftoppers" as superheroes that don't help other people. read more

Paz de la Huerta-Harvey Weinstein Rape Case Stalled for Lack of Rape

Paz de la Huerta was thought to have the most legitimate case for criminal charges against Weinstein. She accused him of rape in 2010 on two occasions, and took her case to the police. There was much rejoicing and congratulatory cheers for her bravery. read more