Britney Spears Here To Comfort Vegas Victims

I wonder what level of confused you have to be when washed up celebrity singer Britney Spears becomes your sole sense of security after a mass shooting.  read more

Rachel Bilson's Very Bad Year

With the removal of Hayden Christensen from her life it didn’t mean she was instantly relieved from all of her problems. Aside from the cause of the break-up possibly being an affair with Emma Roberts, Rachel is also dealing with robbery. I read more

James Corden Called 'Shameful Pig' For Weinstein Jokes at AIDS Gala (VIDEO)

Corden let his joke writers take a stab at a couple Weinstein jokes to warm up the six-figure AIDS charity check writing audience. See how that went. read more

Even Courtney Love Knew What Harvey Weinstein Was Up To (VIDEO)

In contrast to Cosby who kept his toe-spooge antics sub rosa, the Harvey Weinstein bonanza of sexual extortion seems to have been a universally known deviancy throughout his industry and social and political circles.  read more

Katy Perry Lends Helping Hand To Lesbian Couple

My only complaint out of this entire situation was that this wasn’t the hottest lesbian couple of all time. But Katy Perry’s ass hanging out of whatever she was wearing made up for it. read more

The Rock’s Rant Regarding Tyrese

Getting read your wrongs by the Rock doesn’t happen everyday anymore. But when it did, it was typically followed by the people’s elbow.  read more

Kate Hudson’s Next Hairstyle Will Be a Mullet

Women are doing what they want. There are a lot of things that are no longer just for men anymore. And according to Kate Hudson mullets are on that list as well.  read more

Dak Prescott Passes On Sex For This Season

Dak Prescott let his gal pal know she’s not getting any QB sneaks anytime soon. The only ass he’ll be getting a good view bent over until the season ends is of center linemen Travis Fredrick’s.  read more

GOT's Jason Momoa Latest Target of Internet Outrage

Seeking celebrity's past mistakes is something of a sport on social media. No one really cared when they weren’t that famous but make it big and all of sudden someone found that tweet from ten years ago when you said something not so great about women. read more

Kylie Jenner Promotes Lip Kit While Watching CA Fire

People looking to hilarious medical experiment Kylie Jenner as their sensitivity spirit animal were shocked and even dismayed to see that she promoted her new Lip Kit line on Snapchat in front of televised news of the California wildfires that have claimed just under... read more

Tom Cruise Tapping Into a Little Weinstein

When even dudes in Hollywood who don't even like women are hooking up young chicks with jobs and suddenly "seeing them" in private, maybe this town does have a problem.   read more

Rose McGowan Social Media Anti-Molestation Martyr

Women are really standing behind Rose with #WomenBoycottTwitter. And we all know how well hashtag activism works when it comes to serious issues like allegations of silencing free speech. Your cause isn’t reaching Capitol Hill if you feel actual protesting can be done... read more