Mickey Rourke, Feeling Pretty

Actor turned drugs, booze, and pugilist, Mickey Rourke, was but one plastic surgery procedure away from feeling pretty. So he said after his latest nose job.  read more

Mickey Rourke With Dog And Purse

Nature is a tricky thing to fuck with. That was the message of Jurassic Park, it's eight sequels, and fifty-seven ripoffs. Of course, scientists are constantly fucking with nature as that's also how we get the polio vaccine and sugar-free cheesecake. Sometimes you get a... read more

Mickey Rourke Got The Short End

The older fellas in Hollywood are juicing something fierce. That along with rampant male plastic surgery is creating a class of AARP dudes around town who don't quite look like you remember grandpa when you sat on his lap and he told you how he killed a whore while on... read more

Mickey Rourke The Champ And Shit Around The Web

Mickey Rourke went back to boxing because no one wants to hire a guy who looks like a battered weasel's vagina. He won his first fight against 29-year-old Elliot Seymour. Except that it was probably fixed. Why Randy the Ram, why? See the old man beating away death. (The... read more

Mickey Rourke's Motives Questionable (VIDEO)

Mickey Rourke staged a boxing match in Russia because he still has something to prove to his dad. Also he likes banging whores with the kind of crooked teeth only Mother Russia serves up. It turns out his opponent was not a legitimate boxer but some hobo Rourke's people... read more

Mickey Rourke's Got Putin's Back (VIDEO)

Mickey Rourke offered a ringing endorsement of Vladamir Putin while in Russia. It seems that dudes who are cartoonish symbols of masculinity born out of self loathing find a way to relate to one another, and being a douche cuts deeper than politics. Rourke definitely... read more

mickey rourke says most actors suck

Mickey Rourke could have been the biggest star in the world at one point if he wanted to be, but instead he wanted to get drunk and fight a lot. He got really good at both those things, and it was awesome. And now he just doesn't give a shit what anyone thinks or says,... read more

Mickey Rourke might be insane

Mickey Rourke left The Wellington Club this morning at 4:30am after a night of drinking with Leonardo Di Caprio at the Whisky Mist in London, but on the way to his car some hooligan traffic barriers started some shit with the voices in Mickeys head. Needless to say he... read more

Wednesday morning headlines

KENDRA WILKINSON -  has confirmed to E! that she's pregnant.  Which sucks.  I should have been told in person.  The father has rights too!  (source = e! online) IRON MAN 2 - The first picture of Mickey Rourke in Iron Man 2 has been released. Rourke plays Whiplash, and he... read more

wrestlemania was huge

It kills me that I forgot Wrestlemania 25 was last night, but I can be declared legally dead in most states if I get even a molecule sicker (which is why I suck worse than normal today).  I totally would have watched that shit, and will probably watch a replay tonight. ... read more

the choice seems clear

Earlier this week there was a rumor that Mickey Rourke was now “dating” Courtney Love.  Which apparently is news to Mickey Rourke, who told TMZ last night that he’d rather "be on a deserted island with a gorilla" than Love.  When asked for a comment, Jennifer Love Hewitt... read more

mickey rourke knows whats hot

Mickey Rourke is enjoying a career resurgence like few before ever have, and this week while in Paris to promote "The Wrestler", he also made time to participate in the Faggity Outfit Wearing Championships.  Go Mickey Go!(picture source - fame pictures)[gallery... read more