Sinead O'Connor Hits Rock Bottom, Finds Dr. Phil

After about your seventeenth published suicide video, he will come to you. Dr. Phil's like Candyman, only he offers reasonably lucrative paid appearance contracts. Also, you can spin pretty much any story you like provided you weep and accept his counsel in the end. read more

Sinead O'Connor Ran Away to Travelodge (VIDEO)

It's hard poking fun at people with a real mental illness. But I'm going to try my best. read more

Sinead O'Connor Pulling Back

Sinead O'Connor has had an interesting past couple of three years. Doubtful she remembers much of it. Facebook Memories will certainly help in that regard.  read more

Sinead O'Connor Still Alive

Sinead O'Connor was reported as being missing and possibly suicidal in a Chicago suburbu, although to be fair when she goes to Trader Joe's she's shopping and suicidal. It's not a good sign when you go on a bike ride and people just assume you're en route to off yourself.... read more

Arsenio Vs. Sinead Round 2 And Shit Around The Web

It's a battle of has beens as Arsenio Hall sues Sinead O'Connor for claiming that he killed Prince with drugs. Why Arsenio? Who the fuck knows what goes on in Sinead's bald head. She's baby-eating crazy. I wonder how Arsenio is going to pay for his lawyer? Prostituting... read more

Sinead O'Connor Kills Herself on Facebook

After first asking her Facebook followers for a job and a place to live, Sinead O'Connor announced she was taking her own life by way of overdose at an undisclosed hotel room somewhere in Ireland. You can book the room next summer if you're a big fan. Given her history... read more

Kim Kardashian Smothered Music To Death In Its Crib

Sinead O'Connor has declared Kim Kardashian's tits on the cover of Rolling Stone magazines as an official end to music as we know it. in the very least, O'Connor seems to have missed Rolling Stone covers of the Boston Marathon bomber looking like a sexy James Dean and... read more

Sinead O'Conner Still Knows How To Party

Last time we checked in with Sinead O'Connor, she was professing her love of anal sex on the internet before marrying a random stranger for a week, and then she was offering Miley Cyrus advice on how not to be prostituted by the music industry. She also looked like she... read more

Sinead O'Connor Tells Miley Cyrus to Stop Being Such a Ho Bag

People who write 'Open Letters' are almost entirely humorless dicks. What is an Open Letter but a self-serving excuse to grandstand your inflated sense of moral superiority. Case in point, Sinead O'Connor's open letter to Miley Cyrus telling her to be less of a total... read more